• If you have a project in mind, find me at Five Thrive.
  • I think the internet and the world wide web are the coolest things since landing on the moon.
  • I accept gifts on all occasions but no occasion is required : hook me up
  • Contact me via email with: jim at jimsidler dot com or socially with the icons at the top of the page.
  • The top three requests I get when someone finds out that I build web software are:
    1. Where should I go to sell online?
    2. Where should I host my website?
    3. What is your most used web app?

Hands down, they are the three pictured below. I am an affiliate for each one but this way you can get a discount or bonus by using my link, we both win!

If you want to pick my brain, feel free to reach out by contacting me via Clarity.fm.

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